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Go to the Gallery tab, choose which folder you want to contribute to, and click the + sign next to the folder name. Then choose the deviation you want to submit.

Please submit only your own work. If you want your friend's work to be in our gallery, simply invite them to the group!

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Do you have a picture of a bird that you can't identify? Maybe the community of Birds-Club can help! If you need help, please post a picture of the bird (or more if necessary), along with any information you might already have, like its native location, its behavior, the season in which you saw it, etc.

Every time we have a new bird to identify, this journal will be updated for all to see. If you want to make a comment in this journal, mention the artist or link to the deviation in your comment so we know what you're talking about! You can also comment directly on the deviation. Once a bird has been identified, it will be taken out of this journal and moved to our latest archive journal.

The count: 403 birds have been ID'd through this journal!

  • :new: For Identification by Alphanza1 by Alphanza1
    artist comments: I found this little one in my back yard, happily singing away to the setting sun. I'm not sure at all what bird it is. There was a mockingbird that came up behind it so perhaps a juvenile? I'm not sure. I found him in my back yard in an orange tree. Location is Guyana, South America, on the coast.
  • :new: Lost Bird by vinsky2002 by vinsky2002
    artist comments: location: Singapore.
  • Bird Species Identification? by BirdyLee by BirdyLee
    artist comments: I spotted this bird hanging around my backyard in New Jersey, but I can't identify it. It was about the size of a cowbird (around 7 1/2 inches.) It was pretty aggressive, pecked at a robin and tried to pluck out the tail feather of a mourning dove. Although it walked while foraging, it hopped while chasing other birds. If anyone recognizes this species, please let me know.
  • Some birds of New Mexico by DeeOtter by DeeOtter
    artist comments: Was hoping to get a second opinion on the birds in these shots.
    The sparrow and the kingbird have been IDed in my collage of unknown birdies. Still waiting on one that looks like it may be a warbler, and the two flycatchers.

    I almost want to say the earlier flycatcher I submitted is a Willow Flycatcher. I'm trying to go off of eye rings.
    Pacific slope has a pretty distinct eye ring, and Western Wood-Pewee doesn't really have one at all, and the one I found looks to have a faint eye-ring that isn't as distinct as the pacific slope.

    Totally need a flycatcher master to ID these things. Or I need to start carrying a recording device with me if they ever happen to sing.

    Rows 1-3 were all taken at Bandelier National Monument in mid May.
  • Strut by bluemangoimages by bluemangoimages
    artist comments: North Carolina
  • Unidentified Bird by OliverBPhotography by OliverBPhotography
    artist comments: Seen when: May 17, 10:29 AM
    Seen where: Small mixed forest area, northern Germany

    I have tried identifying this bird, but so far without luck. Sadly I couldn't see its back. This is the best shot of it I could manage to take. As for the song of this bird I couldn't hear it, which makes ID'ing it even harder. I am sure it is a type of warbler or flycatcher, but can't quite put the finger on it.
    guesses: chiffchaff
  • :thumb374063186: by lo-lo259
    artist comments: I know it is a flycatcher. You can't see it in this picture, but the underside of it's bill is orange-yellowish. There was a group of them hanging out in one tree. At first I almost thought another Kinglet, because they were active. However, they would fly off and back. They spent very little time picking at the branches. I believe it is a Least flycatcher, but the stomach is fairly yellow. I am not sure if that is normal for them. More pictures:… Sorry the colors are not the best, it was a more cloudy day. But I was worried that if I did not try today they might be gone tomorrow.

    Location Grand Forks North Dakota, USA
    guesses: least flycatcher, yellow-bellied flycatcher
  • Whee, Flycatcher! by DeeOtter by DeeOtter
    artist comments: Yay flycatcher.
    Seen at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in August of 2010
    guesses:Maybe wood pewee. Other possible flycatchers I was thinking of were Willow, Pacific Slope, Gray and Dusky
  • white-throated laughingthrush 1 by meihua-stock by meihua-stock
    artist comments: Perhaps a laughingthrush? Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Cold cases: Another Norwegian Bird by Ombry Bird ID tools: Interactive Bird Identifier, WhatBird (North American birds), List of Australian Birds, Australian Bird Identifier, Birdwatching App on Facebook (includes ID section), UK bird identifier Archives: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9
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No, unfortunately, we do not have as many active moderators to run the extras.
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Nice work, Can any1 do serious pixel art or convert paintings to pixel arts in less than 64 colors? If you can please make a sample I will be willing to commission the assignment.
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